Summer break is just around the corner! An ideal time to get creative yourself, and with the rest of your family, with the tastiest snacks for your dog or cat. From lemonade to ice cream. They can't get enough of all those treats. So get started!

The tastiest pancakes

The most delicious dog pancakes with chicken, salmon or turkey. You can even turn them into pancake monsters! Ideal as a snack for your four-legged friend, and a fun activity for you. Click here for the full recipe.

All kinds of cookies

The one and only Prins Heartbreakers! Cookies for both dogs and cats. So much fun! With our basic recipe for heartbreakers you can vary as desired until you have found the ultimate recipe for your favorite cookies. You can 'play' with the baking times and ingredients and replace the baking flour with another type of flour, for example, or add a teaspoon of finely chopped parsley. Did you know that parsley contains many vitamins and minerals? Click here for the full recipe.

So tasty!

For your cat, mix a few teaspoons of cat milk with a teaspoon of reward cream, and for your dog, a few tablespoons of yogurt or cottage cheese with a tablespoon of reward cream. Just loosen the cream with the rounded side of the spoon, stir well... done! Ideal for giving your pet a bit more liquids. Click here for the entire recipe.

Brrr... Ice cold!

If it is very hot outside, you can treat your dog to a refreshing snack. With some pieces of Prins NatureCare sausage you can make a delicious ice cream in no time! It is important to know that eating (or drinking) too much ice can cause gastrointestinal problems if your dog is sensitive to them. Click here for the entire recipe.

Refreshing kibble lemonade as a snack

It is perhaps one of the most underrated nutrients: water. Especially in warm weather, it is important that your pet drinks enough. Why not make a tasty kibble lemonade! Our pressed dog food is the perfect way to do this. They dissolve quickly in water! Would you like to try this too? Look here for the entire recipe.


Did you know that you can also dry Prins NatureCare sausage in the oven? Treat your dog to some crunchy sausage! What you need is a piece of Prins NatureCare sausage, an oven and a sheet of baking paper. Easy to get started on a free afternoon this vacation! Click here for the entire recipe.

Treat your dog to Surf & Turf

Treating your dog to the ultimate Prins moment of indulgence? Combine fish and meat by using our Train & Care tube reward cream and NatureCare sausage to make special Surf & Turf treats! Watch the video accompanying this article and you'll know exactly how to get started.

Last but not least: Sausage with egg

Do you want to make a tasty and responsible treat for your dog super-fast? That's a piece of cake or, more accurately, sausage and egg! Try our recipe for Prins grain-free cookies, ideal for rewarding during training or just for fun. Check out the entire recipe here.

Do you need help?

Do you have more questions about your pet, its care or nutrition, or do you need other useful tips? The Prins CareTeam will be happy to help you with some free advice.

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