Did you know that you can use Prins Train & Care and Play & Care, a tasty reward cream in a tube, as a handy aid when training and grooming your dog or cat? We give you some handy tips!

Coat care

Using the reward cream tube, you can also get a cat used to grooming and the feeling of a comb or brush in or over its coat. To do this, first offer your animal a lick from the tube. While your cat is nibbling, you begin gently grooming its coat. Stop combing or brushing before the cat no longer likes it. This is how you make the desired association that grooming is fun! The next step is to comb first and reward afterwards: that way combing stays fun.


According to cat behaviorist Maggie Ruitenberg, cats often find combing the belly particularly annoying. The best way to practice this is with two people: one gives the treat, the other puts his hand under the front legs of the cat. He lets the animal stand up against him and carefully combs the belly hairs. Which comb you can use best depends on the cat's coat. If you briefly comb long-haired cats every day, you will avoid painful tangles that are difficult-to-remove.


The KONG is a hollow bouncing toy made of rubber that you can fill with all kinds of treats or just part of your dog's daily meal, supplemented with some Prins Train & Care. Squeeze some reward cream into a Kong, add some kibble, and squeeze another layer of reward cream on top. This way, you alternate layers of kibble and cream, with the reward paste serving as "cement" for the filling.

Tip: use plastic food puzzles! You can clean them quickly and easily in the dishwasher. So can the Kong!

We challenge you!

What other fun things can you think of with Prins Train & Care and Play & Care? Send your photo, video or 'recipe' to info@prinspetfoods.nl and order your own tubes quickly!

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