Prins Grain-free is a complete and 100% natural range of food for dogs, free from wheat, maize or other grains. There are five grain-free pressed varietes, two grain-free non-perishable sausage-shaped meat-based meals and one deep-frozen raw meat-based meal to choose from. Why opt for grain-free? We are here to answer all of your questions!

Why opt for grain-free food?

Because some dogs can be sensitive to grains. These dogs benefit from grain-free food. For instance, the Irish Setter breed is known for potential sensitivity to (wheat)grains. In that case, Prins Grain-free is a good alternative.   

Is hypersensitivity to grains common?

Hypersensitivity and grains are often bracketed together, but when it comes to allergies in dogs, only a minor part is caused by food. And even in those cases, more often it's a matter of hypersensitivity to meat proteins than it is to gluten (wheat proteins). 

Why are grains actually often found in dog food?

Grains are necessary to create a well-balanced meal. They supply energy and help keep the levels of proteins, fats and minerals proportioned. Moreover, they are crucial for binding all ingredients and thus creating the right texture of the kibble. And last but not least, the fibers in the grains prevent gastro-intestinal obstruction. 

But dogs are incapable of digesting grains, aren't they?

No they aren't, as long as the grains are 'unlocked', for instance by pre-cooking them. The comparison to wolves has often been made, but dogs as we know them now are no longer wolves. Scientific research shows that genetic differences have improved their abilities to digest starch.

What does Prins mean by 'grain-free'?

Grain-free or gluten-free; there is no exact legal definition of these terms. To us, grain-free means that our varieties do not include any ingredients belonging to the grain category such as wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats and rye. Sorghum is excluded too, as it is a crop that can be considered a grass/seed as well as a type of grain.

What are the grains in Prins Grain-free food substituted with?

We replace them by carbohydrate sources derived from vegetables. Prins uses green peas, potatoes and tapioca (a tuberous crop).

But potatoes are bad for dogs, aren't they?

This only goes for uncooked potatoes and peels. Those are poisonous, not just for dogs but people as well. 

Dogs are more often hypersensitive to meat proteins than they are to grain proteins.

Is there more meat in the Prins Grain-free varieties? 

No. The composition is identical to our other products, with the same amount of meat. The only difference is the vegetables that are used instead of the grains.

What meat sources are used in Prins Grain-free food?

Depending on the specific product, it's either chicken or duck. We have one variety exclusively based on duck, for dogs that show hypersensitivity to certain animal proteins.

But a chicken is fed grains, right..?

That's right! But chickens are not fed the day before slaughter to ensure little to no traces of food in their meat. 

Is Prins Grain-free only suitable for sensitive dogs?

Nope, Prins Grain-free is suitable for all dogs, from puppies to seniors. If you feel more comfortable feeding Grain-free, you can just do so. 

Do dogs like Prins Grain-free more?

Just as much as they like our other food, can be concluded from the experiences of breeders who tested Prins Grain-free for us. The same goes for the feces; no difference was noticed.

Does Prins also have grain-free food for cats?

Yes we do, we have one grain-free type of kibble; the VitalCare Protection Grain-free Hypoallergenic.The Prins NatureCare raw meat-based meals for cats, available in eight varieties, are also grain-free. 

I'm feeding grain-free, but my dog is still having reactions…

It is very important to look at the whole dog and finding the right cause for the hypersensitivity reactions. Is it (just) the grain or is there maybe more going on? Don't forget; if your dog benefits from grain-free food, your complete feeding method has to be correct, so all the other treats should be grain-free too!

Actually, I have some more questions!

Would you like to learn more or switch to Prins Grain-free, or do you have any questions about our other products? Our Prins CareTeam is ready to provide you with some tailor-made advice!

Marjolein from the CareTeam

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