Did you know that you can also dry Prins NatureCare sausage in the oven? Treat your dog to some crunchy sausage! What you need is a piece of Prins NatureCare sausage, an oven and baking paper.

Before you start drying: keep the dog(s) away from the hot oven, because they will undoubtedly be attracted by the released meat smell!

Making a crunchy sausage

  • Cut the sausage into small cubes by cutting a slice twice lengthwise and twice widthwise.
  • Spread the cubes well on an oven rack lined with baking paper.
  • Set the oven to hot air, and to a temperature of 160 degrees.

Depending on the size, leave the cubes in the oven for 30 to 60 minutes, until they feel hard and dry to the touch. While they are drying, roll them over occasionally. We left these cubes in the oven for almost an hour and then tested them in our Prins laboratory: the cubes then had a moisture content of less than 7 percent, which is necessary for storing them for a long time(s), and a hardness of between 3 and 5, which roughly corresponds to the hardness of a puppy kibble.

Allow the cubes, again out of reach of four-legged friends, to cool thoroughly. By the way, the dried cubes have little to no smell.

Required: NatureCare sausage, an oven and baking paper.                        


Ready to eat

The result: bite-sized treats that can be kept for two weeks in a tightly closed plastic container, provided that the cubes are sufficiently dry.

Judgment of the test team: yummy!

Why it is called "crunchy sausage" is obvious when giving it to the dog. Crunchy sausage is ideal to reward a dog with: a big advantage of the crunchy cubes is that you can carry them more easily and just put them in your coat pocket. As the dried cubes survive longer than the fresh ones, they are also very good to use as filling for a food ball, for example.

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