It's fun to buy new toys or games for your pet, but did you know it's even more fun if you can make them yourself? In this article you will find some of the best DIY's for dogs and cats that you can make. This ensures fun for humans and animals!

A hunting ghost for your mini or maxi

Whether your pet is very large or very small, this fun ghost toy of fleece to search, fetch or chase you make in a jiffy. And completely custom made! Click here to learn how to make the chasing ghost.

DIY Sniffing Heart

Dogs and cats love to search for the kibble you can hide between the layers of this heart-shaped fleece sniffing toy for them. This rug is super simple to make. You can also choose a different shape. Square or round, it doesn't matter to your animal! Click here to make a cute sniffing heart for your dog or cat.

SnuffelhartDIY SnuffelhartDIY snuffelhart






A toy with extra strings

Want to make a fun cat toy superfast? Get to work with strips of fleece. You can hang this toy from something or pull it behind you with a handle. Chances are he’ll get interested and chase it! If you want to make this cat toy, click here.

Doorbell for your dog or cat

You can make this ringing toy in different versions. You can make a handle on it so you can hold it when your cat taps its paw against it. You can also teach your dog or cat to tap its nose or paw against the bell. If you hang it next to the door your dog or cat will have its own DIY doorbell! In this article you can read how to make such a nice ringing toy.


  • Only let your dog or cat play with fleece toys under supervision. Never leave your animal alone with a fleece toy. Play together!
  • Prevent your animal from breaking the toy and/or swallowing pieces of it.
  • Prevent multiple animals from playing with the toy at the same time, as this can lead to unintentional competition and aggression.

Ball pit for dog or cat

Does your dog always empty his bowl in no time? Or do you want to make your cat's meal a little more exciting? With ball pit or ping pong balls you can make a ball pit for your animal superfast. Balls ready? Search for them! Here's how to make the ball pit.

Creative with Prins NatureCare sausage

  • Clothesline sausage. You probably know the old-fashioned clotheslining game. With just a few meters of clothesline and a piece of sausage you can provide a lot of fun for your dog. Click here for more information.
  • Garden Sausage. Super simple, but super fun! Let your dog go outside and search for his meal. Take a handful of sausage cut into pieces and go to the garden with your dog. Show him the treat and then throw it into the garden. Your dog will have the greatest fun searching for his meal. Click here for the article.
  • Complicated Sausage. Literally complicated sausage! Using a non-slip mat and sausage, make a "sausage-wrap" for your dog where he learns to roll off the mat. Click here for the article. 
  • Jeans sausage. For this fun sniffing game, you simply need an old pair of jeans and pieces of sausage. Dogs can play this game lying down. This makes it ideal for older dogs or dogs that aren’t allowed or unable to move much due to surgery or an injury. Click here for the article.

DIY JeansworstDIY jeansworstDIY Jeansworst






Please note 

  • Only let the dog play only under supervision.
  • Don’t play the games with several dogs at the same time, this can unintentionally provoke competition and aggression.
  • Always cut the sausage into small slices or pieces before use, depending on your dog's size.

Cat in the box

Empty cardboard boxes can be used to play all sorts of fun games with your cat! Almost any box is suitable for fun things to do with it. From shoe boxes to banana boxes, you can really come up with all kinds of things. Click here for the article.

Kibble Hunt

Would you like to play a game to keep your pet busy? Go on a kibble hunt with your animal! With old cardboard, empty toilet rolls and/or kitchen rolls, balls of paper and a handful of kibble you can create the perfect kibble hunt. Let your imagination run wild! Curious about how this kibble hunt works? Click here!

Take care!

  • Always supervise, do not leave your animal alone during these activities.
  • Tearing up paper and cardboard during this game is allowed, but not eating it!
  • Do you have several animals playing at the same time? Make sure that there’s no mutual competition and therefore no aggression.
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