Playing with your food: that's allowed if you're a cat! By offering his meal in a fun way, you ensure that your cat can indulge his hunting instinct and literally get busy.

Cats are real predators. You don't have to hunt for hours on end, but you can make it more difficult and therefore more fun to get it.

  • Hide kibble in various places in the house for your cat. Cats live three-dimensionally, not just on the ground, so also hide some kibble in higher places.
  • Put some kibble in an empty toilet roll or kitchen roll and fold it up. Does your cat manage to get the kibble?
  • Fill a bowl with walnuts or ping-pong balls and sprinkle some kibble in between. It's up to your cat to get them again!
  • Did you know that cats love cardboard boxes? Put some kibble in an empty cardboard box and let your cat go exploring.
  • You can find lots of fun toys, games and puzzles for your cat at the pet store that you can fill with kibble. These kinds of challenges fight boredom and stress.

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