With empty cardboard boxes you can do all kinds of games with your cat! Almost any box is suitable for fun things. From shoe boxes to banana boxes: you can really come up with all kinds of things. We give you a suggestion and challenge you to think of many more things to do with a box!

Cat in the box

Use the box for a fun freestyle exercise: does your cat manage to stand or sit in the box with one, two, three or all paws? Start by rewarding all of the animal's interaction with the box: looking at the box, walking towards it, all of these will earn a reward.


Has the animal understood that the treat he gets from you has something to do with the box? Then you wait and see if he shows other behavior: just smell the box, or maybe even put a paw in it. Bingo! You could also, very simply, throw a kibble into the box. Chances are that your cat, if he wants to grab that chunk, will automatically put a paw in the box. Super! Reward him with extra treats!

Laat je kat op de doos zittenKruipt je kat zelf al in de doos?Kat in het bakkie!








Choose the right box

If you are going to play with a box, make sure it has no sharp edges and is free of staples and tape residue. Also, make sure that there are no harmful things or strong smelling substances (such as detergent) in the box. Your cat will not like to stick its nose in it! With some games you have to make sure that the size of the box fits the size of your animal.


The following applies to all activities involving a box:

  •  Always supervise while playing.
  • Safety first! Always check if the game is suitable for your animal.
  • Prevent the animal from breaking and eating things.
  • Do not let multiple animals play with a box at the same time, this can unintentionally provoke competition and aggression.
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