Do you want to buy a puppy? When buying a puppy, a good feeling and common sense are very important. We give you five lessons to recognize a good breeder. Follow your heart, ánd your mind. 

1. Good preparation is key!

Get yourself orientated! You can delve into the breeds and/ or origins of the dogs you have in mind. Check with different breeders before you buy a puppy. Become a member of an association and visit various activities where you can see dogs in action and ask other owners about their experiences.

Buying a puppy: puppy in hand

2. Interested in buying a puppy? Be patient!

Never choose a dog in a hurry or under pressure, because otherwise that great puppy might pass you by. Also, in the future, several hundred of other cute puppies will be born! A good breeder is worth waiting for: it’s nice to have someone you can always rely on and who can give you tips and tricks about coat care or training.

3. Some breeds aren’t friendly to all people, or not so tolerant towards other dogs.

Some breeds have a low average life expectancy, or bark, drool or shedd excessively. Ask breeders and owners about the downside of their breed. It’s certain that they are sweet and fun, but it’s wise to be prepared for the less nice aspects. Not a single dog is perfect!

Buying a puppy: mom and pup

4. Always ask if you can see all the dogs of the breeder

Do they look healthy, well cared for and cheerful? Do they live in a clean and safe environment that offers the dog enough challenges? And, very important: Do the dogs behave the way you would like your future dog to behave?

5. Ask questions.

Why did a breeder decide to breed with these animals? Does he carry out examinations and behavioral tests? Has he done something about socialization and toilet training? If not, why not? It’s perfectly normal to ask these questions. A breeder who’s looking out for the best interest of his puppies, will ask you lots of questions as well.

Buying a puppy: sleeping puppy's

Found a good breeder?

Did you manage to find a good breeder with our help? Then the adventure really starts! Of course we have other useful tips to take good care of your puppy.

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