Does your dog always have an empty food bowl? Or do you want to make your cat's meal a bit more exciting? With ball pit or ping pong balls you can make a ball kibble pit for your pet in no time. Balls ready? Search for them!

You can use these super fun search games to keep your pet busy with his kibble meal. Always pay attention to safety. Only play under supervision, never leave your animal alone with the games and prevent him from breaking the materials.

Ball pit for your dog

Searching for kibble in the ball pit: most dogs understand this game immediately. Just stick your head between the balls and follow your nose, looking for the treats! They will soon realize that the quieter and more concentrated they search, the faster they will find the treats hidden between the balls.

What you need


Needed for a ball feeder:

  • A plastic storage box, matching your dog's size
  • Ball pit balls, which you can find at sports-, game- and toy stores
  • A handful of kibble, or just your dog's entire kibble meal

How it works

It could hardly be simpler: put some ball pit balls in the storage box, sprinkle in a handful of kibble, and your ball pit bowl is ready! Have your dog watch as you put the kibbles in the ball pit, so he sees them "disappear" and knows where to look. The more kibbles you use, the faster your dog will get results in searching. Using more balls, a larger bowl and/or fewer kibbles will make the search game more difficult. You can also use other materials with or instead of the ball pit balls, such as empty toilet rolls.

For inspiration, also try our game 'Kibble Hunt'.


In the video you can see a dog sniffing and nibbling. But it could also happen that your dog finds a ball pit as a feeding bowl strange at first, and doesn't dare to put his head between the balls. Put two or three balls in the bowl first, so that your dog can eat the chunks around them. If that goes well you can add more balls. Ensure that your pit is always large (or precisely small) enough that your dog can easily put his head in it.

Bully Bucket

Some dogs get so entertained in the search for kibble that they become way too wild and bite the balls to pieces. Then this game is unsuitable! As an alternative, it’s better to scatter a handful of kibble on the ground.

Pingpong game for your cat

You can make a ping-pong game for your cat, in which he can use two skills: searching for chunks and hitting balls!

What you need

What you need for the cat ping-pong game:

  • A low plastic bowl, such as a flowerpot saucer
  • Pingpong balls, which you can find at sports-, game- and toy stores
  • Some kibble, or just your cat's entire kibble meal


Cats are somewhat more of a sight than a sniff. If desired, use fewer ping pong balls in the beginning, so your animal can get its head in between them, and make sure there are always a few kibble balls clearly visible. Your cat can then swat away the balls to get to its 'prey' properly. All cats are different. Does your cat find this game a bit scary or not interesting at all? No problem, just offer his meal in a different way!


Do it!

Wash the ball pit/bowl and the balls after use with hot water and some detergent. Everything is clean again and ready for another exciting meal!

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