Heaps of leaves, fallen trees and often a lovely golden sunshine: autumn offers you all kinds of opportunities to enjoy your dog outside. And for your cat you can take the autumn inside. Read our fun and handy autumn tips for your dog or cat!


Autumn is beautiful, but beware of acorns, chestnuts and pine cones: acorns are poisonous to dogs and chestnuts and pine cones can lead to dangerous blockages if swallowed.

Autumn tips for your pet - dog around tree

Outdoor gymnastics

Looking for an agility course for your dog? In the woods, the trees are sometimes literally waiting to be picked up! Does your dog dare to sit on the stump of a cut down tree? Stand with his front legs on a tree trunk? Crawl under a large branch? Or walk over a trunk lying on the ground?

You can help and guide your dog in the beginning with the help of a chunk. Be careful that the dog does not focus too much on treats, because then he can forget where he puts his paws and misses out.

 Autumn tip! Pay attention to your dog's tail during tree trunk balance. By the (sway) movements the dog makes with his tail, you can see if and how much effort it takes him to keep his balance.

Autumn tips for your pet - Walking over a fallen tree

Fall fun

This will make you happy:

  • Being indoors just in time for the showers start
  • See your dog's hair (and ears) blowing in the wind
  • Find beautiful autum nleaves


Jumping from and over trees can look spectacular, but always make sure it stays safe. Before you let the dog jump on or off something, always check the surroundings for sharp protrusions of broken branches, for example.

Take it easy…

The calmer you guide the dog, the better he learns to use and control his body.


Can your dog learn to stand on something with his hind legs instead of his front legs? Leave the dog with all four of his legs on the trunk and guide him slightly to the ground, in such a way that he puts his front legs on the ground, but stays with his hind legs on the trunk. Now name and reward what he does: that's good, handsome dog, that's 'back legs up'! Attention, this form of tree gymnastics requires a lot of muscle power from your dog!

Autumn leaf fun

Nothing more beautiful than mountains of autumn leaves! You can use them to hide your dog's toy. Pretend you're hiding something in several places. Your dog really needs to use his nose to find the right hiding place and his toy. No toy with you? Take a look in your pockets. There must be an object in there, for example a handkerchief, that you can use for a tracking game. You can also teach your dog to look for very small objects, such as an old house key.

Autumn tips for your pets - search in leavesAutumn tips for your pets - found it


Instead of low to the ground, you can also hide an object a little higher up in the bushes, clamp it between a few stems or hang it on a low branch. This is a whole new challenge for your dog, because he is often only used to scour the ground with his nose. Always put the object in sight first in an easily accessible place: the dog is allowed to just watch while hiding in the beginning, which makes him motivated to start searching. Then you can make the search more difficult step by step.

Autumn tip! Also for old and/or disabled dogs you can take something from the outside inside: fill a basket with dry autumn leaves and hide something between them that the dog can then look for.

Autumn tip for your cat

For cats who live alone in the house, you can bring autumn indoors by collecting exciting smells for them outside. Think of autumn leaves to smell or play with. Or create an indoor autumn storm for your cat by letting some dry autumn leaves whirl around indoors!

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