Playing with your cat stimulates natural hunting behavior, provides exercise and keeps the animal attentive and agile. Playing together also strengthens the bond with your cat.

Always move the toy away from your cat, because a prey does not run to the cat. Playing only becomes really fun if there is a reward waiting at the end. A 'prey' in the form of a kibble keeps your cat motivated to keep playing. A successful 'hunt' gives confidence!

  1. Many cats find a fishing rod with a feather attached or a ball on a string very interesting. You can also play 'hare' for your cat by tying a long rope with a feather on it around your waist and then use it to do your normal activities in the house.
  2. Don't always leave the toy lying around, but take it away and vary it in size, shape, color and fabric. This keeps toys special and challenging for your cat.
  3. Many cats run across the room chasing the light of a laser. Avoid frustration and always provide a reward at the end of this light game, as some cats will not make an effort if they realize they can never catch the light.
  4. Cats find toys with catnip in them irresistible. Catnip encourages your cat to play. You can also buy it separately to put it in or on something.
  5. Cats can learn all kinds of exercises. With some patience it’s even possible to teach your cat to play fetch, or to give a high five. Let’s see how that works!

We wish you and your cat lots of fun and playtime together!

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