Think about your cat's environment
Five tips for (even) more fun for your cat
Feeding kibble and meat on one day: is that possible?
We will give you some advice!
Stimulate the natural behavior of your cat
Use a tube of Play & Care reward cream
Garden Sausage
Put your dog's nose to work!
Kibble Hunt
Nice job on kibble hunting!
Balls ready? Search for them!
Create a ball pit with kibble for your dog or cat
Tasty bites!
Clothesline sausage
Teach your dog peekaboo!
Game especially for Halloween: Scary sausage
Make a jingle bell toy for your pet!
Jingle Bells
How to make the Prins cat toy
With extra strings, which cats love!
Snack wisely and keep chocolate away from your pets
Make sure your pet doesn't eat any
Why registering and chipping a dog is important
So that your puppy is always identifiable