Prins ProCare Standard Fit has been declared the best pet food of the year 2023-2024 by consumers. The Best Product of the Year election is one of the largest consumer elections in the Netherlands.


ProCare Standard Fit is a complete and tasty pressed kibble for adult dogs and has been a bestseller for years. This Prins-product is produced by the Dutch family company itself in Veenendaal, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The product is sold through pet stores and garden centers but is also available on many online shops.

Even More Sustainable

Pressed kibbles are more compact and are produced at a lower temperature. This saves packaging material and energy which is better for the environment. To make the ProCare kibble even better, the recipes have now been further improved with more sustainable ingredients, such as algae oil. Additionally, this year, all ProCare products will feature a new packaging design. Along with these new recyclable packages, the revamped ProCare kibbles contribute to reducing our ecological pawprint.

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