On September 2nd, it will be exactly 60 years since founder Dirk Johannes Verkade began the production of 100% natural dog and cat food. Over six decades, Prins Petfoods has grown in production, distribution, and staff. However, Mr. Verkade's philosophy still forms the foundation of the organization. The family-owned company will celebrate this milestone on September 2nd and 3rd with a weekend full of festive activities at its own location in Veenendaal.

Evolution through the Years

Mr. Verkade initially started with two types of dog food that he made using a small press. Later, he introduced a line of cat food, followed by crunchy kibble, complete frozen meat meals, and dietary foods for both dogs and cats in the subsequent years. In 2023, there is now a complete range of Dutch quality products for all ages and lifestyles. In the late 1980s, the advisory team was established, later becoming known as the Prins CareTeam. Knowledge-sharing took a leap in 2019 when Edupet, the education department founded in 2013, took over the Martin Gaus Academy. Shortly thereafter, the Cat Academy, Rabbit Academy, and Herpetology Academy followed suit.

Advice First, Then Nutrition

Prins still operates with the same uniqueness as its founder: first providing tailored advice, then the right nutrition; the results are then evident in the well-being of the animal. For sixty years, Prins' mission has been to guide consumers during every phase of their pet's life in improving the well-being of their dog or cat, through products, advice, and inspiration. Hence, the unchanged brand promise: Prins. More than nutrition.

The effectiveness of starting with advice is evident in the successful contributions of the specialists in the CareTeam. Through email, chat, WhatsApp, social media, and phone, they provide daily guidance to pet owners, pet stores, and breeders regarding nutrition, training, care, and behavior of pets. All to elevate animal well-being. At the Prins Experience Center, visitors can interactively experience advice for better animal welfare in practice. And because animal welfare starts with education, the Edupet knowledge center continues to develop various forms of education for enthusiasts and professionals, including a brand-new education center in Lelystad. Product innovation also continues unabated, with new diets featuring alternative ingredients like plant-based materials and insects as protein sources set to launch later this year. This is done with a strong belief in sustainable growth of the brand, keeping everything in-house and in the company's own kitchen.

Family Celebration

With the third generation now at the helm, the Prins and Edupet brands are being further developed with passion and pleasure. Respect for the past drives ongoing collaboration with all employees to enhance animal well-being, now and in the future. This sense of family guides interactions with each other and with customers. It means helping people the way you would want to be helped: understanding, professional, warm, and knowledgeable.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary, Prins' headquarters will be transformed into a festive venue during the weekend of September 2nd and 3rd. The extensive program includes a jubilee quiz, Dutch games, and factory tours where attendees can witness how kibbles are made. There will be a meet & greet with Prins and Puck for children in the studio, along with mini workshops for dogs. Of course, refreshments will be provided. People and animals are welcome to enter the world of Prins!

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