Prins, natural food for dogs and cats.

At Prins we have a passion for animals. Developing tailor-made, high quality, 100% natural cat and dog food is our specialty, improving the well-being of animals our mission. Would you like to know more about Prins and what we stand for? Discover our world.

100% natural
No artifical colours, flavours and aromas
Dutch family company
Quality, knowledge and experience since 1963
Not tested on animals
We stand for animal welfare
We aim to renew and surprise
Prins Petfoods is the first pet food brand to obtain new sustainability certification
We make conscious choices for the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment
Introducing ProCare Veggie en Insect & Rice
Our commitment to sustainable ingredients marks a significant stride towards a smaller ecological footprint
How can we optimise the well-being of both cats and their owners?
Research provides new insights into the needs and experiences of cat owners
Prins Petfoods Celebrates Anniversary
The Crown on 60 Years of Passion for Animals